Creates direct link with visual products
for blind and visually impaired people.

Visualink was a professional and successful R&D solution provider of low vision products with supply chain resources from Asia, with years experiences in this field, we are proud to launch own video magnifier products, of which is the new era of the company with R&D, manufacturing and worldwide sales function. Also we offer alternative solution of portable video magnifiers for user's option.

We are committed to assisting the visually impaired people around the world to read, write and have their own independent life with each product of Visualink shall follow principles:

  • Best image quality and features
  • User-care and easy use
  • Practical design and affordable price

We are ready to support the distributors and importers worldwide with our greatest service on win-win basis, we are sure the sharp sight of the individual user can shine through VISUALINK products.

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Economic Video Magnifier

VL-1 Mouse Cam video magnifier
VL-2 Dual Cam 4.3" video magnifier
VL-3 Dual Cam 5" video magnifier
VL-4 7" video magnifier
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